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Featured Listing -  2084 Trutch St., Vancouver

About Me

A realtor with a strong background in event management and fundraising, Deborah’s international experience gives her a strong understanding and appreciation of Vancouver’s assets. Growing up in Montreal, she’s lived in Edmonton, Vancouver, London, England and Australia. Before obtaining a license in Vancouver, she moved her family to Queensland, where she sold real estate in Surfers Paradise. Among other accomplishments was the sale of the Gold Coast’s ‘best penthouse’. Returning to Vancouver, Deborah ran an event management company for several years before returning to for residential real estate. When she’s not showing homes, you’ll find Deborah brainstorming fundraising initiatives for Camp Goodtimes, a camp for children affected by cancer or Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, which trains teachers and supplies books to children in Afghanistan.A cyclist, Deborah commutes by bike as often as she can and frequently participates in cycling events that raise funds for charities such as the Seafarers Mission and Multiple Sclerosis. As someone who has relocated her own family several times over the past three decades, Deborah has first-hand knowledge of the challenges inherent in a big move. As a result, she’s a specialist when it comes to advising her clients not just on new home purchases, but on the unique neighbourhoods, communities and schools that comprise the Lower Mainland.

Deborah Spafford is an agent with Sutton Grp West Coast (W.Blvd). Check out Deborah's active listings and/or office listings.
To contact Deborah, call 604-970-6431.


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